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    mobile devices

Efficiency is contagious

Interactive projection from the best team collaboration tools in construction management

To ensure the success of your project, Resolving has the best tools and techniques adapted to the context of your project.

No matter where you are, the interface and its features are available on mobile devices such as iPad, smartphone, and tablet, even when you are without access to the internet. Once the latest elements has been entered, you will be able to synchronise to the centralised platform, thereafter instantanously share and delegate tasks to the right participants.

navigation map


Easily navigate between plans

Intuitively identify the area of the building you are located and circulate between different sectors. Assign your remarks on a specific or wider area.

technical drawings

The intelligent layers

Clear view on the specific plan

Resolving consolidate any specific functionality plans in layers of your project. Instantly switch plans to control, enter and share your observations on the corresponding layer.

data visualization

Powerful filters

Organise your information

Filter through easily to find what you are looking for. Monitor activities and progress from the classified categories, issuers, companies, statues, ... etc.

high resolution image

High resolution plans

No detail can be escaped

Project plans are cropped with Resolving’s technology to ensure it is presented with the best resolution. Zoom freely without loosing quality. Never miss on the smallest details.

interactive report

Dynamic highlights

Materialise the progress of you work

With the help of interactive highlighter, you can mark your plans and increase processing and analytical capabilities.

interactive projection

Interactive dimensions

Inspect and measure

Trace the precise dimensions on your drawings and check the accuracy of this dimension. Compare the measures from the site and create precise reports.

project planning tools

Integrated planning

Monitor your planned schedules

Tasks pointed to all participants are tracked by a glance. Save time by exploitation of the data and visualise instantly the variances between present and theoretical progress.

file management system

Document management

Turn the page once and for all

All your documents and drawings are imported and organised on the interface. Data to be verified can be identified directly on site, CCTP, leaflet, book details, ... etc.

control by qr code

QR Code

Flash to control

Assigned to all elements in your project, the QR code will guide you directly to the forms containing technical specification, manufacturing details, location… Nothing will escape from you.

And always one step ahead !

Photo progress

Time machine of the project.

Annotation on the plan

Making comments or notes directly on the plan.

Comparaison of drawings

In a gesture, compare your drawing with the previous version.