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Paris, September 5th, 2018.

Franck MEUDEC (former founder of Wapp6 and board member of Conject / Aconex) joins RESOLVING, French company specialized in digital transformation for construction processes, as partner with the role of Vice President - CEO

  • Bringing his entrepreneurial expertise into construction software, Franck MEUDEC will benefit RESOLVING in accelerating its growth.

  • RESOLVING is a French key player in the digital accelerator for construction and real estate industries since 2003, with a range of collaborative solutions including a BIM Module –Building Information Modeling.


Franck MEUDEC, French software entrepreneur


Franck MEUDEC has been involved in the software sector for construction and real estate for 15 years+.

He began his career at PTC, a global industry PLM software company (1997-1999), before joining APRIMO (now MAPP), one of the world's leading independent digital marketing players (2000-2002).

Between 2002 and 2008, he co-founded and developed the company BuildOnLine / CTSpace Inc, for document management in the digital sector for the building industry.

Then, in 2009, Franck MEUDEC launched WAPP6, a saas software company specialised in collaborative solutions for document management, field management and BIM, which he merged with the German CONJECT AG in 2013. In 2016, he sold the company to ACONEX group, world leader in project management software based on the cloud dedicated to construction projects.

At the end of 2017, after the acquisition of ACONEX by ORACLE, Franck MEUDEC, member of the management committee of ACONEX, left the group to invest in new projects, always in connection with the construction sector: LOTIHOME, real estate development in Toulouse (, KALIDOC (, provision of services for construction project information management.

And today, as an associate at RESOLVING, to accelerate the growth of the company with the position of Vice-President CEO.

Franck MEUDEC graduated from DESS in Finance, Negotiation and Business Development at ESG Ecole Supérieure de Gestion (1994).

A boost for RESOLVING

RESOLVING has been present in the real estate and construction industries for 15 years and, among others, proposed the first digital project management solutions early as 2005.

The company supports the construction sectors' big names in their digital transformation, by providing an innovative range of collaborative software solutions, 2D, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and field information management.

Franck MEUDEC’s arrival along with Cyriaque RIOS, the company's founder and chairman, will enable RESOLVING to accelerate its deployment in France and abroad, to take advantage of an exceptional economic situation for the targeted industries.

In effect, in the time of smartbuilding, from the initial design to the final construction of cities of the future, construction and real estate stakeholders must undergo a digital transformation to increase productivity, efficiency and more effectively control their schedules.

RESOLVING offers various solutions tailored to meet each clients needs, in particular project management solutions, including: construction and delivery follow-up, document management (DMS) and site inspections and monitoring (daily progress plans, commissioning, quality audit forms, security, environment, control plans, etc.) all in collaborative mode using the Cloud within 3D and/or 2D models.

I am accompanying RESOLVING towards a new accelerated growth trajectory. RESOLVING owns a portfolio of innovative solutions and a strong internal R&D led by its president, which allows it to garner global references and stay one step ahead.

explains Franck MEUDEC, Vice-President – CEO of RESOLVING.

Franck's arrival at my side represents a fantastic opportunity and marks the beginning of a new story. Indeed, we combine each of our strong and highly complementary entrepreneurial experiences, which will accelerate the growth of RESOLVING and allow a powerful international development.

adds Cyriaque RIOS, President and Founder of RESOLVING.

RESOLVING is a digital accelerator of the real estate and construction industries.
Its range of offers fits into the life cycle of construction during the design-execution phase, operation, and also deconstruction.
Its clients represent the worlds of Construction & Asset Management in Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Public Infrastructure and Engineering: Project Manager, Land, Investors, General Contractors & Subcontractors, Facility & Property Managers and Users, Architects, Project Management, Design Offices and Control Offices.
RESOLVING was created in 2003. Its head office is located in Lyon, with offices in Paris and Hong-Kong. It employs 35 people.
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