Press release
Paris, October 1st, 2018.

Resolving partners with Construct Lab, a community of entrepreneurs, to innovate the building industry

  • Thursday, September 26: A kick-off meeting was held in Paris for Construct Lab

  • Resolving, publisher of innovative DMS and inspection management solutions, has been involved since the beginning in the organisation and upscaling of the community.

An initiative meeting the needs of the transformational challenges presented by the profession


Innovation in the era of digital transformation feeds on transversality and intensified exchanges and partnerships.
With this in mind, entrepreneurs in the Building sector dreamed up Construct Lab - a meeting place dedicated to innovation and the emergence of projects.

Today, the group has become increasingly substantial; it has found its governance and was presented by its founding members and ambassadors on Thursday, September 26, to about fifty professionals within the sector.

Resolving, who has been following the movement from the outset, was undoubtedly present.

Why Construct Lab?

It is, above all, a Community.

Partnering and acting together to innovate;
Bringing together construction stakeholders to boost innovation in the sector.
Construct Lab produces two solutions.

Build Forward : Exchange to build

Organise events dedicated to the industry and prospect the construction sectors position in the world of tomorrow.

Build’Up : A machine to form solutions

Analyse and identify the factors involved in an unresolved problem to diagnose it together and pinpoint a solution. A solution carried by the community.


Construct Lab is a new way of working, bringing together all of the stakeholders in the world of Building and Real Estate in order to co-create companies, responding to concrete problems, then to accompany them in the first steps of their development.

Construct Lab stands out with its working method based on the exchange of ideas and kindness to think of the common good, but also by its composition - it brings together entrepreneurs, majors, startups, engineers, SMEs - in a word, all those who work for the building and real estate sector.

Thus Construct Lab was created, an association which acts as a trusted third party of innovation.

Construct Lab expands and recruits …
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RESOLVING is a digital accelerator of the real estate and construction industries.
Its range of offers fits into the life cycle of construction during the design-execution phase, operation, and also deconstruction.
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RESOLVING was created in 2003. Its head office is located in Lyon, with offices in Paris and Hong-Kong. It employs 35 people.
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