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Paris - October 4 th, 2020.

PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION signs a contract with RESOLVING for the digitalisation of its business processes related to construction and renovation

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  • Paris-Ouest Construction, a family-owned group founded in 1945 with more than 250 employees, has just signed a partnership contract of 3 years with RESOLVING, to strengthen its position on the road to digitalisation of its construction and renovation businesses.

  • After the Observations management module, it is the Site Monitoring and the Forms Management, which are now implemented: they will be completed later by the GED and BIM modules of the RESOLVING suite.


A BIM culture structured around 5 years of practice

The BIM appeared in the company in 2015, at the time of a design-build process that contractually imposed it to all service providers, architects and design offices. What could have been experienced as a constraint compromising the profitability of a project is, on the contrary, immediately perceived by the technical and general management of PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION as an opportunity, and marks the moment of concrete access to a new generation of technologies and business practices.
And it is in this context that PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION will adopt the digital RESOLVING tools for monitoring worksites and lifting remarks accessible on digital tablets.

A new step with RESOLVING

In June 2020, PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION decided to take a new step forward and, after full-scale tests, definitively opted for RESOLVING's Construction Site Monitoring and Snags Reserves Management solution.
More than a new tool, this technological change in favor of RESOLVING marks a strong commitment to a digital future. It is indeed a first brick before the upcoming deployment of the complete suite of RESOLVING business tools, starting at the end of this year with the complementary modules, Document Management and BIM.

A digital transformation based on the reality on the field

Today, the Technical and Digital Transition Department of PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION consists of 8 people, 4 of whom are BIM specialists: coordinating engineers, modelers and developers. Coordinating BIMs are the active agents of a digitalised future. In addition to preparing BIM models upstream, they steer external partners and internal users through the digital evolutions.

« For the 15 projects we are running in parallel, the digital tools are likely to be used by 50 to 80 users with different business profiles and IT cultures. But our role is not just to impose a new tool, but to accompany the change, that is to say, in concrete terms, all users, in order to set in motion the digital transformation of the entire company. » , explains Xavier TOURNILLON Technical and Digital Transition Director of Paris-Ouest Construction. .

The RESOLVING consultants will thus provide support in setting up methods for collecting, analyzing and standardising user practices, which is a prerequisite for any effective digitalisation of internal methods and processes.
RESOLVING will also contribute to train users to the tools.

We know that the digital transition of buildings, at the construction stage but also at the management stage - with home automation - is a source of overall energy optimisation, , concludes Xavier TOURNILLON. We are very committed to these developments, and RESOLVING's tools will help us to do so.

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As a general contractor controlling all the trades, PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION is an independent family business, recognised for its values, the mastery of its know-how and the satisfaction of its customers.
PARIS-OUEST CONSTRUCTION now has 270 employees, committed to common values:
- Quality of listening and service
- Reactivity and sense of general interest
- Solidarity and team spirit
- Flexibility, creativity and anticipation
The company operates in Paris and the Paris region on a wide range of new and refurbished real estate projects: housing for first-time buyers, social housing, community facilities, hotels and service residences, public facilities, renovation fittings, carpentry and after-sales service.
More information:

RESOLVING offers a collaborative cloud-based platform to manage data and processes for the construction and real estate industries. Its technologies cover the entire lifecycle of assets, from the Design and Construction phases to the Operation and Deconstruction phases.
Teams collaborate around plans, BIM models, documents and all project data by integrating a suite of modules adapted to the specific needs of their business: Document Management, Site Monitoring, BIM Review, Control Forms, Inspections and more.
Asset data and processes are centralised on a single digital base, accessible in mobility (tablet and smartphone) and from the office via a Web interface. The platform connects with its customers' information systems via APIs to share data.
RESOLVING, a digital accelerator for the real estate and construction industries, was created in 2003. Its head office is located in Lyon, with offices in Paris, London and Hong Kong.