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June 2020

Spie batignolles is actively pushing ahead with digitalization of its businesses by signing a partnership with Resolving

  • Thanks to the partnership contract signed at the end of 2019 with Resolving, Spie batignolles group is accelerating its digital transformation and is offering its teams a field management solution fully integrated with the BIM model.

  • Resolving offers a collaborative platform specializing in the management of data and processes for the construction and real estate industries, whether the projects are managed using 2D plans or 3D BIM Models. The ability of Resolving to offer full integration of BIM Models into their platform was the determining factor in Spie batignolles' choice.


Through the solution, data captured out in the field is centralized allowing collaboration, and integration into the model.
The Resolving digital platform includes the following modules:

  • Electronic Document Management (EDM):  file management, naming conventions, work flow and reviews, document versioning, reprography module, reporting, exporting of data for use in other tools.
  • Model Management:  visualization of BIM models both online, offline and via mobile devices. Review and annotation of models, daily scheduling of the required tasks and progress tracking, as well as the ability to access and add to, model data.
  • Site monitoring:  management of pdf plans, quality control, QHSE inspections, commissioning, management of inventories on sites, reporting, exports, ...
  • Site Supplies:  management and planning of the flow of deliveries to the sites.

The partnership signed with Resolving will see the platform deployed across all Spie batignolles group's business activities: public works, building, energy, civil engineering and foundations, real estate.

The implementation of this solution on projects is designed to standardize working methods and accelerate the deployment of the digital model by encouraging these projects to evolve, collaborate and ultimately own the data model. This in turn will improve performance in design and delivery as well as site monitoring and therefore better control of quality, costs, and deadlines.

Spie batignolles is one of the leading organizations to mandate the corporate use of these applications to all its activities, and to collaborate using Resolving for the collation, and use of data captured. This can then be used to facilitate continuous improvement of the processes implemented ultimately benefitting the organization.

Within the scope of this contract signed for 4 years, Resolving is closely involved in the deployment of these solutions within Spie batignolles group and will support the teams in the field during the whole process.

Cyriaque Rios, Chairman and Founder of Resolving: "This signature rewards the relationship of trust established with Spie batignolles over the last few years and our support for them. Together, we will continue to put into practice and adopt new technologies related to BIM to make it a reality on construction sites: the users of our Resolving platform quickly get to grips with it because they apply their own data to the objects in the model as work progresses; this progressive enrichment really improves collaborative work, the daily progress workflow is accessible by all players at all levels of interaction."

Alexis Hermet,Director of production quality and technical innovation at Spie batignolles: "Because of Spie batignolles' activity, construction sites are at the heart of our group's digital transformation process. Spie batignolles is fully committed to this transformation, which is essential for improving efficiency and speed of execution, from design to the execution of works. The deployment of Resolving will enable us to move forward in this direction. It aims to commit our construction teams even more to the use of digital models and to share data from the field in order to continuously improve our offerings."

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About Spie batignolles

Spie batignolles is a major organiztion in the building, infrastructure and services sectors.
It operates in 5 main areas of expertise: construction, civil engineering/foundations, energy, public works and real estate. Spie batignolles' references include emblematic projects such as the renovation of the Maison de la Radio, the EDF Saclay research center, ITER, the Havre convention Center, the A10, A9 and A466 motorway construction sites, the MGEN institute in La Verrière, the Strasbourg high court, the Lyon-Turin rail link and the work undertaken as part of the Gand Paris project.
The Group also carries out local servicing and maintenance operations throughout France via a network of dedicated agencies. Spie batignolles is positioned on its markets as a leader in "customer relations" and is developing a policy of differentiating partnership offers. Spie batignolles achieved a turnover of 2.1 billion euros in 2019. The Group employs 7900 people and has 197 sites in France and 10 abroad, notably in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Spie batignolles has given itself the resources to conduct its development independently. Since September 2003, the Group has been majority-controlled by its managers and employees.
About Resolving

RESOLVING offers a collaborative cloud-based platform for managing data and processes in the construction and real estate industries.
Its digital solutions cover all phases of the life cycle of real estate assets, from the design-execution phase to operation, but also in the deconstruction phase, whether the projects are in 2D or BIM.
From a single digital platform, accessible from the desktop via a simple Web browser or mobile from a tablet, users monitor the performance of their projects in real time, anticipate problems and reduce costs. RESOLVING connects with other applications in its customers' digital ecosystem via APIs to share data.
RESOLVING, digital accelerator for real estate and construction industries, was created in 2003. Its head office is in Lyon, with offices in Paris, London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.