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Paris - January 14th, 2020.

Rabot Dutilleul Construction optimizes management of all its worksites with Resolving digital suite

  • Rabot Dutilleul Construction, construction subsidiary of Rabot Dutilleul Group, uses every module of the Resolving solution: document management, site monitoring, defect management, etc...

  • For the past year, this single centralized information tool has been used to organize internal and external communication for all of its markets.


Feedback from Ludovic DE RIEMAECKER, reference in process digitisation at Rabot Dutilleul Construction. Ludovic DE RIEMAECKER advises and trains his colleagues on the Resolving solution, both in the design office and on construction sites. He is also in charge of one of the design offices at Rabot Dutilleul Construction's head office at Wasquehal (59).

Mastering information on all complex collaborative projects

The construction company Rabot Dutilleul Construction has several in-house design offices, a model of vertical integration which allows it to be highly controlled and responsive. No less than 40 employees design offices working in BIM mode since 2012.

« That was a first step. But it's not the whole point of being digitized in the design office. If, while on construction site or with our clients we cannot share visuals and turn them into work tools, we are not transforming practices, and not increasing productivity gains. Resolving has enabled us to pass the milestone of sharing information anywhere and with anyone who needs to know », explains Ludovic DE RIEMAECKER. « The idea was to have a single tool that would centralize all the information, which could communicate with all of the stakeholders, whether internal or external, from the design office to field managers. »

The challenge for the Resolving solution, purchased in 2018, is to extend to the entire collaborative chain, customers and suppliers, the relational fluidity provided by the digital model and the BIM, to simplify exchanges and to facilitate project monitoring.

« The central idea is to simplify exchanges, whether in the field of documentation, information tracking or progress of the construction site », Ludovic DE RIEMACKER explains. « All the information is in the same place, modules communicate with each other, retrieve the data, share it and process it. »

A wide variety of examples of appropriation of Resolving tool

Resolving involves itself in the design / construction / operation / deconstruction phases. Thanks to this functional richness and a proactive policy of tool appropriation at Rabot Dutilleul Construction, every single one of its construction sites used Resolving in 2019. The cases of use are varied, as Ludovic DE RIEMAECKER, accompanying all users, can testify.

« Not only is the tool very complete, but it is above all fitting and flexible. Users have adopted it on various case studies, finding or adapting functionalities to their specific control and monitoring needs », concludes Ludovic DE RIEMACKER.

• On the project to build the headquarters of the European Agency for the Quality of Medicines in Metz, Resolving has radically transformed the document management and information exchange with the project owner, enabling to truly reach 0 paper.
• For BMW headquarters in Montigny-Le-Bretonneux (78), Resolving was used throughout the construction period, making it possible to supervise 12,500 tasks and points of vigilance.
• In Strasbourg, Resolving now allows to manage planning and details of interventions on a construction site of renovation of 1,600 student rooms.
• Rabot Dutilleul Construction has also used the 3D tracking and progress module provided by Resolving to relate the evolution of the construction to other projects.

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Rabot Dutilleul Construction has been active in construction since 1920 in both new and rehabilitation work, on all types of buildings: offices, hotels, schools, residential buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals, etc.
It operates as a general contractor, design and construction, structural work or real estate assembly. With its strong engineering and willingness to constantly strive to innovate, Rabot Dutilleul Construction develops solutions adapted to the problems of its public and private customers.
The company has 840 employees and generated a turnover of 233 million euros in 2018. The company is owned by Rabot Dutilleul, international construction and real estate development group.
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RESOLVING is a digital accelerator of the real estate and construction industries. Its range of offers fits into the life cycle of construction during the design and execution phase, operation, and also deconstruction.
Its solutions are based on a collaborative platform offering a complete BIM approach combined with expertise in project management and document management.
Its clients represent the worlds of Construction & Asset Management in Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Public Infrastructure and Engineering: Contracting owners, Lands, Investors, General Contractors & Subcontractors, Facility & Property Managers and Users, Architects, Project Management, Design Offices and Control Offices.
RESOLVING was created in 2003. Its head office is located in Lyon, with offices in Paris, London and Hong-Kong. It employs 45 people.
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