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Paris, January 21th, 2019.

RABOT DUTILLEUL and RESOLVING form a partnership agreement

  • RABOT DUTILLEUL, independent family group of construction and real estate development, and RESOLVING, digital accelerator of real estate and construction industries, announce the signing of a partnership for the digitalisation of construction industry.

  • A signature that represents a step further in the process of digitalising Rabot Dutilleul construction sites, while paving the way for the creation of new technological solutions for the sector.


The construction industry has reached a tipping point – Technology is becoming essential for construction companies to maintain their leading edge into the future and adopting digital platforms as the foundation of their projects is becoming not just desired, but expected. Being ahead of the game for several years, Rabot Dutilleul has surrounded itself with top experts to innovate, progress and enter the era of “Ready to Service” buildings. To that effect, the construction and real estate company have set up a digital research office to support and advise on upstream projects.

Through the signing of a partnership with Resolving, of which he is already a patron, Rabot Dutilleul wants to go even further. Thus, the latest technologies of the collaborative platform Resolving will be deployed to fulfil every project requirement in terms of BIM, site monitoring, document management, and QSE among others. But it is also about creating added value for both partners, relying on their respective know-how to develop new solutions. It is a way for Rabot Dutilleul to stand out by innovating while for Resolving, it’s an opportunity to advance their technology to create more effective and pragmatic digital tools for serving the construction industry.

« After effipilot and Neo Eco, the partnership signed with Resolving continues to develop the company's range of competences. Thanks to this pooling of experience, we will be able to offer a broader and more pertinent expertise to our clients during the construction industry’s digital revolution. »

reports François Dutilleul, President of Rabot Dutilleul.

« We are delighted to strengthen our ties with Rabot Dutilleul as a leading business partner and to support them closely in their proactive approach to digitalising their business processes.
This partnership will enable us to support the management and its staff, thanks to our solutions that respond from upstream to downstream in all phases of design / construction / exploitation / deconstruction. »

outlines Cyriaque Rios, President of Resolving.


Independent family group and international construction and real estate development, Rabot Dutilleul account    today among the top 15 French construction companies.
Founded in 1920, Rabot Dutilleul has developed skills in complementary professions related to the world of construction, thus acquiring almost complete control of the real estate chain.
The company cultivates values based on collective performance with its' 1500 employees and on the establishment of lasting relationships with its partners.
Present in France, Belgium, Germany and Poland, Rabot Dutilleul is 90% owned by the Dutilleul family and 10% by its employees.

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RESOLVING is a digital accelerator of the real estate and construction industries. Its range of offers fits into the life cycle of construction during the design and execution phase, operation, and also deconstruction. Its clients represent the worlds of Construction & Asset Management in Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Public Infrastructure and Engineering: Contracting owners, Lands, Investors, General Contractors & Subcontractors, Facility & Property Managers and Users, Architects, Project Management, Design Offices and Control Offices. RESOLVING was created in 2003. Its head office is located in Lyon, with offices in Paris and Hong-Kong. It employs 35 people.

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