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Tools effectively coordinated with onsite operations

Observations & Defects Management

Resolving is the solution to drive your construction projects with tools perfectly adapted to your context

From small to large project, our expertise assists you to foresee and control the costs of all operations, reduce risks and delivery phases with ease and confidence.

Optimise your inspection methods

Directly enter your remarks on the drawings, add all the necessary comments, take photos and make annotation.

Organise your visit in well defined phases (construction, handover, security, …).

Filter your observations by categories, companies, issuers and also by status (done, undone, pending, …), dates and deadlines.

Post your punch list

Instant sharing with all the relevant participants.

Generate progress reports with plans, list of contents and associated photos.

Viewing of the snag history : understand the history of the snag with the relevant information shown in a time sequence.

Statistical report

All participants' progress performance is shown at a glance. Comparisons between groups are shown noticeably.

Progress and the schedule variances are automatically calculated and shown in real time on your preferred mobile device.

Statistics are organised by categories ensuring clear identification on the potential delays are on alert.

real time analytics project status report