• mipim

New perspectives with a full BIM approach

Digital solution serving circular economy!

Suez RV partnered with Resolving, the new service resource management batiRIM for territorial development.
The Resource Information Modelling (RIM), as the first tool for modelising all resources. It can be used in 2D or 3D with digital model as part of BIM.

The new interactive platform to offer:

Measure and qualify overall flows, products and materials resulted from dismantling of the construction of any infrastructure.

Developing the database which integrates the overall characteristics linking with the BIM-related tools.

Information tracking between different stakeholders are ensured.

batRIM, a solution enabling:

Potentially evaluate re-employing, re-use and recycling of all materials and products.

Preview new processes of selective dismantling.

Control delays and improve on security.

And the beginning in the Resource revolution in the world of BIM...