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    Build Fwd 2018

Build Fwd 2018, pioneer meetings for associates of construction, building and the city

2018 February 1st, Paris.
An exchange day organised for the second year in a row by the innovative companies of BuildTech and SmartCity.

This year, the seven partners of BuildFwd focused on the themes of optimism,innovation and humanism to build the city of tomorrow.
Renowned speakers have combined their visions of the link between people at the heart of the digitalised city.
Following the conferences, the guests exchanged and shared their point of view in the welcoming space of the new headquarters of the SMABTP.

Each speaker brought a complementary worldview to build a desirable world:

Photo Carlos Moreno

University professor, specialist in intelligent control of complex systems and international expert of the Smart City.
From this first intervention, we retain that "the city of tomorrow, like that of yesterday, must be a place of meetings, exchanges and life".
It is essential to "put the human in the heart of the urban" by giving the man "the ability to exist in a changing urban world".

Photo Nicolas Bouzou

Nicolas BOUZOU
As a French liberal economist and essayist, he gives ideas for building a prosperous, just and sustainable world.
He says that "we live in a world of progress", a world that is "faster because today, technological change is global".
According to him, progress is built through innovation and technological change around digitalisation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Photo Frederique Bedos

Frédérique BEDOS
The heartbreaking testimony of her family history puts love at the heart of our human relationships.
She proposes to "save the beauty of the world by joining forces".
She founded The Imagine Project in 2010 to give voice to people who, in the shadows, revolutionise the daily life of their city.

BuildFwd 2018, it's a partnership between seven innovative companies.

Major associates of BuildTech and SmartCity, Attestation Légale, Deepki, Explore, ForCity, Sogelink, Tracktor and Resolving want to engage their clients and the industry stakeholders to coordinate the future of the real estate sector and build a desirable future.

Build Fwd 2018

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