News update - April 2020

After more than three weeks of confinement in France, RESOLVING’s collaborative platform plays a key part in centralizing its clients’ data.

In the current situation of construction industry, RESOLVING keeps supporting its clients' actions, even on currently stalled projects, and their coordination of teams working from home.

In both design and construction phases, our clients keep using RESOLVING to:

  • Implement their document repository
  • Use BIM and 2D project reviews
  • Take advantage of tools supported by approval workflows to control the quality of document output and As Built plans.

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RESOLVING's cloud-based collaborative platform enables data and process management in the construction and real estate industries.
Its digital solutions cover all stages of the life cycle of built assets, from the design-construction phase to operation and ultimately deconstruction, whether the projects are in 2D or BIM.

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