• monitoring progress

    and equipment installation,

    qualifying materials

    delivery equipment

Identifying and tracking resources

Equipment and resources management

Whether it is to control the installation of your equipment (furniture, systems, etc.) during the delivery phase or to materialize the resources of your buildings undergoing deconstruction, our equipment management module allows you to trace and qualify information on 2D plans.

Install equipment intuitively

On the move, the participants can easily position equipment or resources directly on the 2D plans. They have access to a library of reference equipment or can create new ones on the fly.

Highlight the progress of the work areas

Materialize the surfaces realized directly on the 2D plans allows to calculate instantaneously the size of the surfaces (for example: measure the surfaces of realized rough works or measure areas of tiles to be recycled ...).

Consolidate information

Each equipment or surface identified can be enriched with new information: status (to be laid, laid ...), laying time, type of material ... All information can then be exported to generate reports (Excel, PDF).

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