• The flexiblity in hand, always

    Practical and straightforward

    Safe and Secure

    Unlimited storage

    Activity Monitoring

    paperless office

Easily share and manage your documents at your fingertips

Document Management System

Simple and straightforward solution facilitates the exchange of data between various stakeholders.

Document management corresponds to all project life cycles and phases. Unlimited file storage is capacitated with secured continuous backups.

Flexibility of managing your documents

Create and organise by your project preference.

Users rights can be created accordingly by groups and folders, ensuring levels of confidentiality are differentiated.

Quick search by entering keyword or file number.

Manage and share your files

Set up your own file classification.

Sharing links are made available when sharing to other project participants.

Display and share progress photos from the photo gallery.

Stay on top of your events

Customise your own notifications and alerts.

Progress shown in statistics are generated automatically.

Note and refer back to any disputes for clarification.

Optimise all documents

Set status for all documents for optimum validation.

Manage and track thoroughly.

Create and manage your sheet questions/answers (FQR) and worksheets amendments by associating attachments.

document management project progress report file box