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Implementing information into insight throughout project process

Unique know-how, the ultra BIM engine

Resolving associates its expertise on project tracking and data management with BIM modeling. Share information intuitively on your 3D BIM and managing multiple projects directly from your mobile device, effortlessly.

Our data management tool provides a complete solution helping you to maintain consistency across teams. Trace back the information of your choice to your collaborators directly on the field or anywhere else.

Limitless navigation

Powerful display

With slick navigation and high definition of the plans, RESOLVING gives you the ultimate insight of the project elements and all of its technical features.

Optimised filters

Analyse easily different components of the 3D model by choosing to show or hide elements (technical components, structures, major work, levels …). You refine your point of view.

Virtual cut

Visualisation can be done by volumes across different axes of the project. Easily identify problematic areas and work out solutions to avoid conflicts.

Powerful features

Switch between 2D and 3D

All the comments are recorded and viewable in the 3D model as well as in 2D drawings. Choose the reading mode that best suite your needs.

Interactive monitoring of project progress

Mark directly on your tablet for annotation or highlight on progress.
Compare different versions of drawings. Review the evolution between the established drawing during the conception phase and the executed at construction site.

Support your observations

To support your remarks, make further annotations and draw directlyon your plans. Take snapshot to point out the specifics.

Exploitation and maintenance

Full list of detailed technical information are available by taping on the project elements.The project elements content information for strengthening management on operation maintenance and asset management.

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