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Conquer challenges of managing construction projects

Customised tools and services

Consolidated day after day by our team to adapt to the context of your projects.

Based on our construction and technology expertise, services are tailor-made and designed to drive with success at each step of your construction projects.

Our solutions are straighforward and easy to use. It will come natural to all users.


Your projects are configured

Setting of the platform and relevant tools that best suit with your project. Levels of responsibility are well defined accordingly to set up access rights of users.

Your drawings are organised

Resolving treats and cuts your drawings to ensure optimal visibility. Making access to all drawings in HD means you can assign actions in the precise area, to the right participants. Updates can be done periodically so there is no time wasted with version conflicts.

Your data are centralised

Our leading-edge technology allows you to manage many projects at the same time, assuring you that the information are well organised and recorded. Anytime on your preferred device, upload, synchronise and share your information in real time.


choose your working methods

In respect to your context and methodologies, Resolving provides you collaborative tools allowing you to replace consuming tasks by automatic and rigorous procedures. We integrate your document model in customised forms, and according to your needs, we settle systematic controls on the important actions. You assign tasks to the contractors, create punchlists and generate reports easily.

Progress of the operations well followed

With Resolving's systematic analysis of the exchanged data, you are always in sync of the progress. Obstacles and risks can be anticipated and actions can be prepared to avoid costs and delays.

You have the key to the success of your projects

Our advanced management solutions ensure you to have a complete control to plan your project and to make the right decisions.

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