Total management at your fingertips

the collaborative mobile platform for all your construction project and asset management

Resolving is the solution to manage operations with risks reduced by trusted information exchange, and progressive analysis for all your projects.

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Maximise productivity

With Resolving's robust system, you can focus on the essential, master and meet deadlines of your operations.

Coordinate global team

All project participants will follow the same workflow whilst information is exchanged according to the rights grated to them. Do more in less time.

Strengthen project control

Systematic verification of information and continuous quality control ensures project monitoring is conducted and appropriate decisions can be made.
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The unique solution throughout all phases of project life cycle

Not just the platform that manages tasks, Resolving is also the answer to Document Management System (DMS), the solution to operate your buildings.

Discover tools that correspond to every stage of your project.

Ultimately strengthens sharing of information and better management with full BIM approach

Visualisation of all the project insights and Open BIM processes to help you collaborate and manage with breeze.

  • Intuitively navigate your projects in 3D with means of profound efficiency.
  • Analyse all project elements in BIM model.
Resolving bim revit

Features are always customised to the developing needs

Interface is available anywhere anytime, and your information will always be up to date.

Punch list

Assign tasks directly to the responsible.

Status reports

Analyse progress with real time statistics.

Smart layers

Directly enter your comments on the specific technical layer.

Powerful filters

Locate precise datas.

High resolution plan and open bim model

No detail will escape from you!


Create inspection checklist accordingly with well-refined control procedures.

Dynamic highlight

Visualise instantly on the progress.

Inspect and measure

Trace marks on your drawings and compare them onsite.

Our tailor-made services are adapted to the constraints and context of your project

Designed and accustomed to ensure successful project delivery. Tools and methods provided by Resolving are developed and adjusted to the specific needs of every construction project.

  • Resolving helps you to :
  • Organise and configure you project
  • Prepare and integrate your documents and drawings
  • Supporting your team with continuous training
  • Helping you with right decisions during important phases
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BIM World 2020

RESOLVING gives a voice to the Construction and Real Estate sectors at BIM World

October 7th - 8th, 2020
Stand D10-E10
MIPIM 2020

At MIPIM, RESOLVING offers a Cloud platform dedicated to construction and real estate industries.

In September / Paris
Actualities April 2020

In the current situation of construction industry, RESOLVING provides support for coordination of teams on home office.

Actualities / April 2020

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